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Welcome to Midwest Defense Institute

Midwest Defense Institute believes that self-defense is a universal human right, and that quality training for personal protection does not have to come at a high price.

Most training classes in the state of Minnesota charge fees that are prohibitively high for many citizens, especially when considering the added cost to file an application for a permit to carry. Some instructors have made "affordable" classes, but having sat in them, we can say they sacrifice quality to achieve that low price point. Our goal at Midwest Defense Institute is to provide you with quality training at an affordable cost. We strive to do everything with the best quality we can provide, and focus on a positive, professional, and educational experience in our classes.

All of our instructors are NRA certified and maintain their skills with continuous training and yearly recertification to ensure we offer the best possible training for you.

Midwest Defense Institute: Quality Training at an Affordable Cost

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